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Raleigh Magicians: Chris & Neal - Raleigh's Favorite Family Magicians (Raleigh Magician)

Posted on 27 July, 2013 at 3:32
Raleigh NC Kids Party Magicians & Raleigh Entertainers"If You'd Like To Do Something Both Magical AND 100% Family-Friendly for Your Next Raleigh NC Event -- Then Here's How You Can Do It With the Least
Amount of Hassles...

Comedy Family Magicians in Raleigh NC EntertainersThe Raleigh NC based dynamic duo of Chris & Neal have been nicknamed the Carolina's Leading Family Magicians. With their laughter-packed interactive magic and explosive energy; along with their doves, bunny and parrots, nothing short of a sure-fire exhilarating experience is guaranteed. Your favorite Raleigh NC magicians will keep the audience on the edge of their seats with a high-energy, pulse-pounding performance that will bring down the house. You simply do not want to miss an electrifying event with Raleigh magicians Chris & Neal.

Children's Entertainers Raleigh NCChris & Neal are FULL TIME professional children's comedy magicians and educational entertainers in Raleigh NC who specialize in making events fun and exciting for all. With over a decade of experience in the Raleigh NC area entertainment business, Chris & Neal have performed at hundreds of children's events making their magic shows a family favorite with kids and adults.

Did you know: The Overall Success of Your Event Hinges On You Hiring the Right Entertainment!" So, make sure to pick the best Raleigh NC magician for your family party or community event.

It's scary but true. Hiring the right entertainment for your summer or holiday events can mean the difference in a success or a total disaster.

Hire the wrong magicians in Raleigh NC and your event will be a flop. Hire someone who offends members of your audience and it's your establishments reputation on the line. Overpay for a sub-par family magician in Raleigh NC that's "so-so" at best, and all eyes will be looking at you.

Every act, performer or team is unique, and like any profession, there are magicians in Raleigh NC who are great, some who are good and many who should never be allowed on stage!

Children's Party Magicians Raleigh NCYou need to base your entertainment selection on the performer who will best fulfill your needs and help you create that lasting impact on your audience.

Chris & Neal are both professional grade "rock-star" magicians with years of successful programs, parties, summer camps & schools in their portfolio. Their exceptional spectacle has traveled through the great Carolinas and in many locations right here through Raleigh, NC.

With loads of regular, repeat and delighted clients all through Raleigh NC, you're sure to experience a program that you will not soon forget!

Raleigh Magicians of Carolina's Top Magicians Chris & Neal
AMAZING MAGIC TRICKS: There is no better way to capture and keep the attention of the kids than magic tricks. Not just "any" tricks either, no cheesy, boring or lame tricks with cards & coins. We mean business! Loads of unbelievable, jaw-dropping magic with doves, a bunny, parrots & more. In fact, ask about how one lucky child will even "FLOAT" in mid-air!

HILARIOUS COMEDY: Laughter is a proven way to build up enthusiasm and motivation in children for any topic. Don't believe us? Look at all the hit television programs for kids. In fact, humor is one of the "most" important elements of a children's show. Serious entertainment will TANK! Serious message with GREAT FUN & LAUGHTER will ROCK THE CROWD and have them more pumped than ever before!

Rockstar Kids & Family Raleigh MagiciansAUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Keeping the kids interactive during any child's program is a MUST. And what better way than by magic -- Chris & Neal's library & day care show keeps the audience fully engaged 100% of the time. Otherwise, your talent is certain to loose the kids attention; and we've all seen events flop that way before -- Don't make the "cheaper talent" mistake.

MUSIC & MORE: Energetic music accompanied by other outrageous theatrical effects will have the kids literally fully bound in suspense wondering, "What's next?”, this proves to be a fantastic method for building limitless excitement!
If you’ve seen other magicians in Raleigh NC, you’ve probably see them do the same old cheesy card tricks and lame “magic” that everyone has seen before. Well, that just doesn’t work anymore - it's the 21st century! Your kids are smart and well-rounded, and having a magician just put a coin in his pocket when he thinks no one is going to see it, is well, BORING.

All of the magic in our show is innovative, unique, and HIGH-ENERGY. Quite simply, other magicians cannot hold the attention of young students like Chris & Neal can. Why? Because their show has been tested for YEARS to create the maximum impact! Their experience tells them exactly what kids are into and what excites them!

Amazing Magicians in Raleigh NCRemember – Chris & Neal are available in Raleigh NC and surrounding cities for family parties, company events, school functions, church camps and so much more. They offer a wide range of events from birthday parties in Raleigh NC all the way to school and company programs.

Imagine, at the end of the show, your guests or students will leave in total amazement and with a positive message about how they can do anything they want in life. And one of your students or even your birthday child will 'FLOAT' in mid-air, something your school will never forget!

Raleigh Magicians Chirs & NealOur shows typically last about 45-60 minutes. Many schools have us for our “just for fun” magic shows for daytime rewards and evening family night shows. Also, if you’re interested, we can present a different show with your school’s emphasized themes, i.e. bullying, reading, self-esteem, etc. We are also available for local area family parties, special events, community gathering and much more.

We are looking forward to working with you on creating the ultimate family party or school program for your elementary school. Please give us a call at the number below, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

"Wow! How Can I Find Out More About Chris & Neal's Amazing and Fun Magical Programs!?"

Discover how easy it is to create an event that will offer wonderful memories that will last a lifetime and make you look like a STAR! Just contact us today and we'll respond immediately with complete, no-obligation details. Just let us know what type of event you're interested in, and we promise to get back to you immediately.

Toll-Free: (888) 422 - 3767

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